AXA Health just signed a warm and unusual campaign in the United Kingdom!

Fallen London, MSL UK, in association with Starcom and AXA Health, is launching an immersive roadshow to create fun ways for Brits to boost their mental and physical well-being!

AXA warms hearts!

as part of the campaign “Feelgood Health”, AXA Health has set up innovative installations that aim to bring some sunshine in the dark days of winter with three giant 4.7 m high table lamps fitted with SAD bulbs and thus help ease the miseries of winter!

photo credit: AXA

Passersby can sit on a bench under the lamps to boost serotonin “Seems good” to improve their well-being. Indeed, the insurance company will also distribute free hot drinks, refillable water bottles and yoga mats to help people take time off throughout the day to focus on their health.

Andy McClure, director of marketing and proposition at AXA Health, said: “Our ambition is to be a brand throughout the health journey of our customers, encouraging and empowering them to be the best version of themselves they define. ,

photo credit: AXA

Mark Ellwood, Chief Creative Officer of Fallen London, said: “Going to the gym, walking the dog, rMany of us are trying to be a little healthier about what we eat and drink. But life can be a hindrance and health can take a back seat. In addition, the campaign aims to bring little rays of health and happiness to the masses in a fun and “warm” way. ,

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