Autonomy plan in the Sahara: the support of the Italian Parliament is organized

“In response to the call of the United Nations Security Council and the international community, the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a positive dynamism through the Autonomy Plan for the Moroccan Sahara, supported by various African, Arab and Asian countries and Americans. Italian lawmakers said. “Our aim is to strengthen the efforts of the United Nations aimed at reaching a political, pragmatic and achievable solution based on agreement”, He explained, noting that “Many European countries believe that the autonomy plan represents the most serious and credible solution to end this dispute.

To the MPs behind this initiative, As Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said during his recent visit to Morocco, “Italy takes into account the efforts of Morocco to reach an appropriate political solution.” whereas “The actions of this group born out of positive observation and active intention are part of this perspective.

Italian elected representatives agreed that “The dispute over the Moroccan Sahara is one of the obstacles preventing the Maghreb from uniting and facing in a strong and united manner, the many common challenges the region must face in the fields of security, terrorism, climate change”.

It should be noted that the announcement of the creation of this parliamentary group comes after an Italian parliamentary delegation traveled to Algeria to discuss a range of issues with officials from the eastern neighbour. A visit, which must be remembered, comes in the wake of President Abdelmajid Tebboune’s state visit to Rome.


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