Atlanta cops call out after Rayshard Brooks is charged with death

Atlanta cops call out after Rayshard Brooks is charged with death

The Atlanta Police Department said there was an increase in the number of officials leaving Wednesday night hours after local prosecutors announced charges against the former police who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks.

“The department is making more calls than usual with the incoming shift,” the Atlanta Department said. tweeted. “We have enough resources to continue operations and respond to events.”

Earlier Wednesday, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced severe murder charges against Garrett Rolfe, who was fired Saturday after hitting Brooks twice in a row outside Wendy’s restaurant.

Rolfe, 27, will face 11 charges and may be sentenced to death if convicted.

Devin Brosnan, the second officer in charge of Brooks’ death, will face three charges, including the 26-year-old aggravated assault, and will testify against Rolfe when an Atlanta police crosses the thin blue line for the first time.

After the announcement, some exitsReferring to the sources, he reported that officers were collectively dismissed because they affected several of the six areas patrolled by APD police.

The APD tweeted, saying that “previous proposals that more than one officer from each region had left work are wrong”.

Union representative He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “There are officers walking … Some are walking and sitting in their personal vehicles.”

“There are officers who say they won’t leave the area unless they help another officer,” said Vince Champion, Southeast regional director for International Police Officers.

Neither the Atlanta police nor the local union representative confirmed the number of officers attending the newspaper.

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Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” There were no police fleeing, but “we have enough officers to cover us overnight” and “we’ll be fine.”

“I hope our officers remember their commitment when they raised their hands and swore as police officers,” he said.

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