Art programs funded by NYC decreased by $ 23 million

Art programs funded by NYC decreased by $ 23 million

The latest New York city budget has reduced support for municipal-funded arts programs by 11 percent as a result of a $ 9 billion tax loss caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The drop in spending was included in the budget of the $ 88.19 billion city last Wednesday. This is a rough cut of $ 23 million in the Cultural Affairs Department, the city agency that grants arts organizations. According to the New York Times.

Parliamentary Jimmy Van Bramer, who chaired the cultural affairs committee, said he voted the exit against the proposed plan for these cuts, and the budget reduced $ 15 million from arts education services.

“I fight like an animal in the budget negotiation team,” said Van Bramer.

John Calvelli, the head of the Cultural Institutions Group (CIG), representing the city’s 33 museums and other organizations, said that they “tried to understand how we did what we did less.”

The Color Theaters Coalition, which supports theaters in colorful communities, will maintain its $ 3.7 million fund. Van Bramer said that when we take into account national racial injustice, the council will not consider cutting anything out of the initiative.

The Bronx Children’s Museum also faces the possibility of limiting the programs they usually provide to children as a result of budget cuts.

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