Armed Forces News: Navy reserves suspended amid সাম 1 billion military cut | UK | News

The changes include a suspension of naval personnel for the first time until April next year, the Telegraph reported. The Defense Ministry (MOD) has implemented the move to cover a ১৩ 13 billion ‘black hole’ when Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace took office last year.

Mr Wallace raised the issue during the Conservative Home Fridge event at the party’s online conference earlier this year.

He said: “It is a matter of public record that we have a হ 13 billion defense black hole that needs to be found in the next four years – this is a picture of a National Audit Office. And that’s something we can see how we can deal with it. “

The MOD will save another মিল 2 million the following year by not sending the HMS Prince of Wales to the United States, which will now end up in British waters.

Recruitment status, which will last until spring, will save an additional 6 million for the Army and 7 50,750,000 for the Navy.

The former First Silver Admiral Lord West criticized the suspension of the Naval Reserve and called it a “summary”.

He told the Telegraph: “It’s a bad message for archives, it’s kind of saying ‘you’re not so important’.

“Reserves are important to us and no one wants to make sure we put them aside.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, Tobias Elloud, chairman of the Defense Selection Committee, echoed similar national comments, adding that it would prevent potential employers from joining the stockpile.

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However, there are more than 100 UK military personnel from around 25 countries.

Lord Admiral Lord West, a former Marine, said the presence of British troops around the world has enabled stability and ensured humanitarian needs.

He said: “Global stability is very important to us. Our military not only ensures this stability, they do humanitarian work.

“The only reason aid agencies reach many countries is because of our military presence.

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