Apple’s future mixed reality headset should recognize hand movements

If rumors are to be believed, this will be one of Apple’s big launches next year. The manufacturer really should unveil its first mixed reality headset, a product that’s been in development for years. And that could lead to serious improvements in the field of manipulation of virtual objects.

Apple took its time but ultimately, it is in 2022 that the maker of the iPhone should lift the curtain on its mixed reality headset, the first step toward lighter and more intelligent specs. In the meantime, this headset has to mark the occasion and demonstrate that Apple intends to conquer this space after almost everyone has started off with more or less success.

Sensor more efficient than iPhone

To achieve this, immersion in the virtual world must be especially careful. And it works a lot on hand movements recognition. Which is often true, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst in the Apple field, the headset includes enough technology to analyze and subtly interpret user gestures.

This allows him to grasp a virtual balloon while pinching it with his fingers, and then lets him open his hand and escape. Complex manipulations that only state-of-the-art 3D sensors can detect. There should be four sets of headphones from Apple, which should be even better than the ones in the iPhone’s TrueDepth notch (which are used exclusively for Face ID). These are powerful enough to analyze facial movements, but will also not be sufficient for more complex hand movements.

According to Kuo, Apple’s mixed reality headset will be able not only to recognize hand movements, but also to detect objects, follow gaze and recognize the iris of the eye, detect voice and facial expressions, and spot movements in space. will also be able to. Capabilities that must be accommodated in a device that is as light as possible. So a lot of sensors will be necessary, which runs the risk of increasing the bill!

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