Apple would actually consider making a connected ring

Apple continues to work on a mysterious Connected Ring.

After the first patent was filed in 2015 (following several others), the Cupertino company has filed a new application for a kind of connected “ring”. In accordance with this patent, this accessory makes it possible to remotely control devices by means of a remote control. Controlling a terminal would require gestures with the fingers. Apple isn’t really talking about the One Ring. In fact, the word appears only 5 times in the entire patent.

It is therefore not the Connected Ring project as intended to replace the Connected bracelet, but rather a remote control that will be held on the tip of a finger while being “storeable” in place of the Classic Ring.

talk remotely

As the pictures show, this device is sometimes described as a thimble that slips through the fingers. In this case, the fingers are completely enclosed in the accessory. At this point, it looks like Apple hasn’t decided on the final design of the device yet.

Screenshot – Patent US011275456

To control the devices remotely, the user does not need to press any physical buttons on the Ring. Apple calls the physical buttons on this style of accessories “disabled” and they “often limit the ways users can interact to generate control signals”, Instead, Apple wants users to be able to control devices remotely with finger gestures. The Cupertino company in particular envisions a wearer controlling a terminal by tracing a number in the air with their finger.

Screenshot – Patent US011275456

Pending official information, there is no indication that Apple actually intends to exploit this idea of ​​a connected ring. As always, a patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean a finished product, but it shows that Apple continues to explore this path.

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