Apple will give new voice to Siri

Apple removed female voice from Siri, which was previously a default setting. So for the beta version of iOS 15.4, they invited users to choose the voice themselves when setting up their devices. This is actually to give them a more organic voice with the sentences generated thanks to their Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Also, for the coming new version of iOS, the company confirms the availability of fifth voice on its voice assistant. Personally produced voice by one of the community members. The developers named it Voice 5. But according to Steve Moser, the new voice’s reference name would be Quinn.

What information is currently available about Voice 5?

First, Apple decided to release Voice 5 a year after its last two US voices for Siri. Apple said a member of the LGBTQ+ community recorded a new voice stamp without revealing more about his identity. The older Siri voices, however, are from black actors, due in part to the company’s longstanding promise of diversity and inclusion.

English-speaking users will be able to use a new tone, allowing them to choose the voice with which Siri will address them. Additionally, Apple’s voice assistant handles at least 25 billion requests per month across 500 million devices. There’s a reason the company is scrambling to provide a more personalized experience.

iOS 15.4 . thanks to the new anti-harassment measure

The new beta version of iOS has brought a new feature. Apple has decided to stop using its AirTag to stalk people. Since airtags are directly tied to users’ identities, it is easy for malicious people to use airtags for malicious purposes. From now on, following a person without his consent is considered a crime.

Although the company made mistakes when designing its technology, it is currently trying to catch up. Additionally, the company is aware that many rely on it to drive the technology forward. Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the new software yet, but it could be available from March.


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