Apple TV HDMI dongle dropped due to branding

Apple had a project for an HDMI key for their Apple TV, so that didn’t offer a complete box. The idea was that this dongle would be cheaper and more transportable. But the project was abandoned because of the brand image.

This HDMI dongle project for the Apple TV dates back to 2018 following an idea by Apple Video and Audio Marketing Manager Tim Twerdahl, who left the company. He believed that the product would facilitate access to Apple TV+, as it would be more accessible to the general public. But The Information reported this week that two Apple executives, Greg Joswiak and Phil Schiller, have terminated the product. reason ? Apple didn’t want to start making cheap, low-margin devices because it could damage the reputation of its high-end products.

So the alternative was to develop the Apple TV application for different media and not just for Apple products. It is found on many TVs, on Android TV boxes, but not on Android phones for surprising reason. Plus, Apple TV+ can be accessed from the web on any computer.

What is certain is that the HDMI dongle for the Apple TV could have been interesting. But it is necessary to draw a line above and be satisfied with the case starting from 199 euros.

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