Apple has already found a way to improve its automatic macro mode

Macro mode introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro, automatically when attached, cannot be deactivated for a period of time. A flaw that Apple promised to fix this fall.

The iPhone 13s was introduced in September 2021 at the Apple Special Event.

iPhone 13 presented at Apple’s special event in September 2021. // Source: Apple

Among the features that marked the first catch of the iPhone 13, Macro Mode has succeeded (despite being present on Android for a long time). It is based on the ultra wide-angle photo module and allows you to get very close to your subject.

But some may have complained about the software integration of this mode. In fact, it is impossible to deactivate it when it engages automatically. So it is the iPhone Photos application that determines whether a particular scene is suitable for use in macro mode. Mercy.

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apple already on the spot

Apple already has plans to fix the issue in an upcoming update to iOS 15 before it becomes a problem.

In any case, this is what Youtubeur Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, says. On his Twitter account, he explains that Apple told him that “A new setting will be added in a software update this fall to disable automatic camera switching when shooting at close range for macro photography and video.”

As I mentioned in my video, the Macro mode of iPhones is great, but you can’t switch out manually.

Apple told me “a new setting will be added in this fall software update to turn off automatic camera switching when shooting at close distances for macro photography and video”

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) September 21, 2021

The update could also coincide with the arrival of ProRes video support, which is scheduled for the end of the year.

Those who come across the new range of iPhone 13 will have to take their troubles patiently and accept that they don’t have complete control over their photos.

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