Apple Glass can prevent the curious from viewing your iPhone screen

Apple Glass will be able to prevent curious eyes from spying on your iPhone screen. According to a patent, Apple is developing technology that can obscure certain elements of the screen from outside view. To see these elements it is necessary to wear a pair of glasses in front of the eyes. the explanation.

Apple has filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a “privacy glasses” technology. Simply put, a user has to wear these glasses View some of the information displayed on your iPhone screen, Without the pair of glasses in front of their eyes, other users would not be able to see the elements on the smartphone screen.

The purpose of this feature is to protect the privacy and privacy of iPhone users. According to the details included in the patent, iPhone users sometimes want View private information publicly on their screen, Under these conditions, users do not appreciate the curious look of what’s happening on their shoulders.

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Apple Glass, glasses capable of protecting iPhone users’ privacy

“In some usage modes, the user may interact with the calibration graph to intentionally blur the graphical output presented on the device’s (iPhone) screen. If a user wants or does not want privacy presented on a nearby screen, things, they can interact with the calibration graph to render the graph output unreadable.”, the patent explains. Actually, The only person who can use the iPhone Once the privacy mode is activated so is the wearer of the glasses.

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Obviously, everything suggests that this technology dedicated to protecting privacy could be integrated into the future Apple Glass, the connected glass for augmented reality. According to the latest information on the web, Apple should announce the specs during the second half of 2022. However, it will be remembered that nothing indicates that Apple actually intends to exploit this technology. It is common for Silicon Valley giants to apply patented technologies without applying them to products, only to protect their inventions and prevent other companies from exploiting them.

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