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In its fight against misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, YouTube has removed several channels of high-profile American celebrities.

delete content “Antivax”

In a press release published Wednesday, September 29, the online video giant youtube Announced to strengthen its anti-vaccine content policy. Thus he reported the removal of several channels of American celebrities “Antivax” Followed a lot.
Content that falsely claims that approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects, that claims that vaccines do not reduce disease transmission or contracted diseases, or that contains false information about the substances contained in vaccines , they will be removed.“, said Manch.

In addition, personal testimony on VaccinationMaterials on new vaccine trials, vaccination policies or historical successes or failures Vaccines will be authorized.

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Channels removed from many workers “Antivax”

a spokesperson for youtube Confirmed the removal of the channels of several anti-vaccine activists, such as entrepreneur Joseph Mercola. This osteopath is the most influential spreader of misinformation coronavirus online, related Parisian.

According to the exclusive site Social Blade, the channel Mercola He had over 400,000 subscribers and his videos garnered over 100 million views. For his part, Joseph Mercola described the decision as follows: youtube From “CondemnationOn Twitter, he called her “Attack on our freedoms and civil rights“.

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“It’s a Witch Hunt”

The platform also reaffirmed its intention to remove the chains of anti-vaccine activists Erin Elizabeth and Robert Kennedy Jr. The latter made a film specifically to encourage African Americans to be careful. Vaccines, Related Parisian. For her part, Erin Elizabeth condemned “witch hunt“.

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In addition, the series youtube Ohio osteopath Sherri Tenpenny was also turned away. The material was considered to be one of the sources of misinformation coronavirus. The platform claims that it has deleted over 130,000 videos in the last one year.

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