Android Apps Finally on Windows 11

Windows 11 testers will have a chance to try out Android apps. The company today announced a new feature that makes 50 Android apps available on the OS. Testers with specific processors will be able to test these applications. Accessible directly from the Microsoft Store, however, it will be necessary to visit the Amazon Appstore to download and install these applications. What are the conditions for installing these apps? When will they be open to the general public?

50 apps out of a list of over 600,000, how does it work?

Microsoft has announced that Android apps will be available on its new operating system. While still in the testing phase, this functionality will only be available to testers with certain processors. for the time being, Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors only with this option. Android applications in Windows 11 are compatible with shortcuts like Alt+Tab. They also appear in Task Manager and can be pinned to the task bar.

Windows 11 will support Android apps

To make the use of these applications more ergonomic, Windows has provided other practical functions. So it will be possible to copy and paste text or receive notifications in Action Center. team says it works In close cooperation with Amazon To improve the accessibility of these applications. However, Google Play Store offers over 3 million apps. As for Amazon, there are over 600,000 of them. There are fifty applications available, so this is very little. Currently popular games like lords mobile, coin master are available.

The total number of applications that will be available is not yet known. But, we can expect that the architecture built by Windows will be able to support much more. integrated into the subsystem Windows 11 includes the Linux kernel and an Android open source operating system (AOSP).. It works with Hyper-V Virtual Machine. The AOSP environment is designed to manage the transition from the Android API to the Windows 11 environment.

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This long-awaited feature is still in beta testing. To access it, you’ll need a specific processor. Your region will also need to be set to the United States. And finally, you’ll need an Amazon US account to access the site’s Appstore. All these restrictions do not prevent this option from being very well received by Windows users. It remains to be seen whether Windows 11 is the solution to the expectations of millions. Windows 11 can be the best of both worlds.

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