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Sometimes a book of more than three hundred pages is not enough to tell one life. And if that existence is peculiarly expressed, it would be appropriate to sit upright in the library. What happens if you combine different and impenetrable interests and try to give a powerful stir? Perhaps the result will be a person who has just crossed the fifties, has almost a chemical sense for Great Britain, is Giacomo Puccini’s ambassador to the world and, the last ring of a passionate daily life, recently himself An exceptional communicator and influencer. Do you always bow down? Stay on board: The city is Lucca. Name Andrea Catalini. If you try to look for it on Fb today, you’ll find the words “popular now” added by Menlo Park Vishal as a fresh coat of paint.

Kamini, let’s start from the end: her social profile has literally exploded in recent months. The conversations are now millions. He has built a vast foundation: a vast community that follows him. Can you tell us how to become a modern influencer?
You see – he accepts me, welcoming you into his strict British living room, the entire battalion of lead soldiers, watching you, tartan-themed armchairs – it’s very simple: I’ve made it through a complicated period for all In, clearly decided to talk to people. . I believe that I am the only public person in Italy who has openly favored Donald Trump. I think this is not a monstrous subject, quite the opposite. I have never been a Trump supporter, but after everything that has happened in the last 7 months, I considered my work a moral duty. I cannot bear the slightest doubt that democracy can be questioned: I asked for clarity and truth, and this is what many people wanted.

Is it true that he was directly contacted by members of the Trump administration?
I confirm. A few days ago I got a call that made me jump. He was one of the president’s lawyers in Italy: he told me that the echo of my daily directs had reached him and thanked me. Perhaps – he specifies – this fight of mine also stems from the fact that I have never tolerated democratic parties: Have you noticed that they exist in all countries of the world? Center-right opposition, on the other hand, is always represented by different forces, even nominal ones. I call for a reflection on this issue.

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But you’ve already become a public figure on social media, haven’t you?
It’s true: It all started in November 2020, when I published a short video opening stores in Luke even after 6 pm. After that there were over 1 million people and everything started from there. I think the way I express my ideas attracts a huge amount of support and is, obviously, simply in the form of criticism. In recent weeks I have been defined as a denier, a conspiracy theorist and a nux. Nothing could be more wrong: I do not deny the epidemic, but I argue that it is the greatest irony ever seen in the last century, because it is communicated to us.

A stance that has also attracted many more inevitable criticisms: Why are you talking about Fares?
Let us take the issue of deceased people: For me the difference between deceased ‘Kovid’ and ‘with Kovid’ is important. I have great respect for those who are no longer there, but we can continue to avoid having respect for those who are starving because they have lost everything. Today people – I am thinking of the words of Senator Mario Monti – are advised to discontinue because it is more convenient. Businesses fail, people close by, culture clears, economic crisis is evident.

Here: You are the president of a program, Pakki and its Lucca International Festival, which are now almost of age. We are talking about the Master and an institution in the city of the world, but how can you resist?
For my part, in the face of stiff opposition from all the local public and para-public structures, it has always been proud to build such a structure like nothing in Lucca. No one wanted Puccini to be Lucca’s ancestral place where he was born: by the choice of territory and by the administration of the Democratic Party which were alternately, rather, the combination was to be only with Versilia. Do I see all this in danger today? Yes, but it is also true that this position reflects all my great qualities. Do you know Kosi Fan Tutti of Mozart? In the most terrifying moments – he quotes from memory – his virtue is revealed by the hero. In my own small way I can call myself a hero. I’ll be a dwarf, but the giants around me – as Andrecotti said – I don’t see any. “

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You are an orchestra director (you also created Lucca’s Philharmonic Orchestra) and an established cultural entrepreneur: are you saying that it is really possible to rethink to avoid a crisis?
We have been forced to modify our beliefs, but we have never stopped. Puccini is the most performed musician in the world and we are proud to have attracted an audience of 98% to Lukka before Kovid to the extent of over 50 thousand units a year. We have done even more: with our concerts we have exported this combination to Musikvein in Vienna, London, Seville, Amsterdam, France and many other prestigious contexts. Fluent in five languages ​​and being a globally recognized character, I am often a guest on international events: Sky Arts and Sky UK approached me to talk about Puccini. Do you think – Gin Tonic makes at home ice tanks – that I’m the second most watched conductor on You Tube in Italy: We’re talking about 431 concerts in a 28-year career. The first is Ricardo Muti. Today the Festival offers concerts in streaming, with the support of private sponsors and foundations: it’s not easy, but we hold it.

How was all this enthusiasm towards music born?
Giacomo Puccini’s aria are well present in my family from my early age. It has always been an intermittent affair that has made me the organizer of a concert since 1991: At the age of 23 Maestro was not yet my life goal, I got it later, when I asked myself why he was in his hometown was not. The event is dedicated to him. It is true, Torre del Lago was a festival, but it has always offered a few dates: instead we remain active throughout the year and we do not have one euro of public contribution among other things. Who influenced me the most? Certainly the great Herbert von Carzan: Recently the Foundation dedicated to him wanted to interview me and, when I met his daughter, he said something to me that moved me: “I have eyes similar to my father’s”. In addition, in Lucca, I also brought the most important British regiment to perform, which began with over 90 tours in Italy with the Scots Guards.

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Here, let’s connect with another great passion that defines his life: Great Britain .
At the age of twelve, I already spoke English perfectly and was familiar with the streets of London and walking. As with love stories, there is no rational explanation: it is a chemical fact. Do you know the classic question that is addressed to children? Do you want to be a physique? I replied, in front of my parents’ wide eyes, that I wanted to be a conductor and I wanted the Royal Guard to work for me: I can say that I kept my word. Today I would like to build a museum of prominent soldiers associated with the British regiments in my city: it will be an age-old thing (we are talking about 17 thousand pieces, ed), because I am a member of two important clubs in London and my The center has diplomatic relations with the Royal House. They appreciate the environment when they export their culture. Today I am considered the ambassador of Great Britain in Italy and it particularly honors me: Scotland and England are my adopted regions. I can’t stand a serial traveler, I like to go to places that represent a home for me. Today – he concludes – I easily realize being an Italian who plays British so well that when I’m in the state, people who still don’t know me always believe that I am a fellow citizen ”.

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