And here is the video of Ingenuity’s exploits on Mars!

It was born in the sky of Mars on Monday, April 19, 2021. It goes down in history as the first motorized and controlled craft to fly on another planet. NASA is publishing some data on this technological achievement today. And a striking video.

It rides Right flyer That brothers RightOrville and Wilbur operated and controlled flights long agoAviation history. It was December 17, 1903. More than a century later, it is on Monday 19 April 2021Congenital helicopter The engineers that NASA In turn, long ago operated and controlled flight on a planet other than our Earth. Mars. Confirmation reached them yesterday, at 12:46 pm Paris time – as with all the time information given in the rest of this article – of course. After this, therefore, the sky – at least of Mars – is no longer a limit!

Later that day more detailed information came out. SimplicityPowered by helicopter solar energy, Departed at 9:34 am, engineers had actually calculated that this schedule would correspond to an optimum for both flight conditions and energy. And according to altitude data, the craft reached a maximum height of three meters. It maintained a hover for about 30 seconds before landing back on the surface of Mars. In total, the flight lasted approximately 40 seconds.

Martian sky is no longer a border

As of March it was located more than 150 million kilometers from Earth on Monday, April 19, 2021, the flight could only be carried out autonomously. Pilots by on-board guidance, navigation and control systems running algorithms sent by NASA engineers. But all the stages stopped successfully.

Already, the site from which the flight took off and where Ingenuity landed, long before the Second World aerodrome, was named in honor of the Wright brothers. Stationed at some 65 meters, Rover firmness There was a front row seat to witness the historical event. And to transmit all the data useful to flight engineers on Earth.

While Ingenuity is already in its 16I Soil – Understanding ” Martyrs Day – At the 30 soil flight test window, NASA engineers are now eagerly waiting to analyze all the data that can be recovered to organize the second flight of the Martian helicopter. It is scheduled for April 22 at the earliest. But remember that Ingenuity is a demonstration machine. He does not carry any scientific instruments. Its sole purpose: to show that in the future, the discovery of the red planet may involve an aerial perspective.

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Simplicity: The first images of his historic flight to Mars this morning!

This was announced by NASA engineers. He was going to try to fly a birthright on Mars on Monday, April 19, 2021. Just before the fate time, five scenarios were being considered: postponement, failure, insufficient response, partial success, and total success. This was ultimately the box of the previous one that was checked. Helicopter flew on Mars!

Article by Nathalie mayorPublished on 04/19/2021

«Spin Up, Take Off, Climb, Hover, Decent, Landing, Touch Down and Spin Down. » Shame first of all that we can guess the back of the mask. Then thumb. Finally the applause rang out. And an explosion of joy when the data finally appears on the control center screen Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL) of NASA. It is there at the moment.Simplat took his first flight. This Monday, April 19, 2021 will be remembered as the date on which, for the first time, a motorized and controlled machine flew on a planet other than our Earth. Mars.

As the NASA engineer underlined the charge of reporting, Martin Helicopter Ingenuity successfully completed all phases of its flight: starting, unloading, climbing, landing, landing, and finally, stopping the aircraft. “We had a dream of sorts” Wright Brothers– Two pioneers of American aviation who made their first powered flight in 1903 – And here we are “Commented, Mimi Aang, head of Ingenuity Project on Nasi TV.

A historical flight

The first image of this feat was the shadow of Ingenuity hovering on Mars. An image taken by the helicopter even flew across the surface of Mars. And just after, these images are immortalized by Rover firmnessWhich returned to NASA engineers. A helicopter flying from the ground of the red planet designed and built on Earth.

The Martian helicopter, remember, is not strictly a “pilot”. It actually executes a sequence of commands that it sent earlier. It relies on its flight software to manage the sequence. Today’s flight was to last approximately 40 seconds, including takeoff, a U-turn towards the Perseverance Rover and then landing.

Further information is expected in the coming hours. Although enthusiasts have no doubt eagerly waiting for the next flight in advance and it will show us red Planet.

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Ingenuity probably made its first flight into the skies of Mars. First return from NASA this afternoon

NASA engineers announced it later this week. Fortitude is ready to land the helicopter carried by the rover to Mars. At 12:15 pm Paris time, in the company of the team in charge of search, operations, has Ingenuity made history by becoming the first machine to achieve a motorized and controlled flight on another planet.

Nathalie Meyer’s article published on 04/19/2021

After a technical disappointment that occurred during the last test of its rotor, SimplicityNASA’s helicopter strongly drove the rover to Mars, ultimately awaiting the time of its first flight. A historical moment. Which should happen today. This Monday, April 19, 2021. It must be already in progress to speak the truth. But we will have to wait a little bit to find out how this happened.

This weekend, tests of software updates initiated by NASA were decisive. And the engineers of the US Space Agency responsible for the ingenuity operation now invite you to wait with them for the return of its first data. Historical flight. They offer on you It’s on tv , Direct from the operations center of Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL) KST from 12:15 pm.

Ingenuity Flight “Live”

this is due to Firmness That data will be sent back to Earth. Between the roles of the rover, in fact: provide operational support during the flight, take photos, collect environmental data and host a base station that allows Ingenuity to communicate with mission controllers.

During live streaming, You can ask your question Social Networks Via the hashtag #MarsHelicopter.

But for the full debriefing of the flight – if it happened – we would have to wait until 8 pm today, still Paris time.

March: Will not be born for several days

During the final testing of Ingenuity’s rotor, which had to turn the blade at 2,400 rpm Discrepancy NASA was forced to postpone the flight.

Article by Javier Demersman Published on 04/13/2021

On April 9, 49, after an investigation to diagnose the disappointment experienced during rotation-testing of congenital blades (see details in article below)I On Mars Day of Perseverance (in view of a takeoff beginning for April 11), NASA has established that an update of flight control software is required. The space agency says “minor” changes are likely.

“When making changes to new software, the process of straightening, uploading and completing ingenuity will take some time.” Please inform JPL. This is only a story of days, even weeks. patience.

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Meanwhile, all the vital signs of a drone-helicopter responsible for the first controlled flight in history on another planet are “stable” at this point. The investigation is on.

“It is not surprising that such a technology poses performance challenges that must work in real time” NASA explains.

March: Why was Ingenuity’s flight postponed?

Article by Remy décourt Published on 12 April 2021

Originally scheduled for this weekend, Natal performance flight April 14 has been postponed. NASA delayed this flight, which can be described as historic, due to an anomaly that occurred during the previous test that was to see the helicopter’s blades rotating at 2,400 revolutions per minute. As NASA reported in its press release, during this high-speed rotation test, it ended earlier than expected due to an anomaly during the transition from pre-flight mode to computer flight mode. Simplicity has gone into safety mode. A security procedure, ” Safe mode It is common for most space systems to be associated with a domino effect to avoid other breakdowns or poor effects.

Via persistence, the helicopter dispatched all of its telemetry, allowing ground controllers to precisely understand what happened.

Frequent and long flights

During this first flight, Simplicity You should rise three short meters above your take-off zone and stay at that height for about 40 seconds before touching the bottom. If this first flight goes well, the drone-chopper can make four more flights by early May. In flights two and three, he should be more ambitious and climb up to five meters and move about 50 meters downstream from his position, that is, stay away strongly to avoid any risk.

With the last two attempts, NASA has planned more ambitious, even daring flights, but without clearly specifying the objectives matter Travel time and flight cap. Note that due to a communication time of several minutes between the two planets, Ingenuity cannot be controlled remotely. The helicopter’s on-board computer has the program set up for various flights, but NASA can update them if necessary and at any time.

These additional flights are subject to proper functioning Solar panel And Ingenuity’s internal heating, guaranteed Resistance Freezing of on-board electronics, whose temperature can fall to -90° Cnight. By far, the lowest temperature strongly measured was −83 ° C.

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