All Lives Topics protesters revive George Floyd’s death as Black Lives Matter marches

An was videotaped from both sides of the protest and broadcast on social media. “Black life doesn’t matter anyone,” screams the only All Lives Matter protest.

According to the video published on CNN’s social media, the whole event took a minute and 23 seconds.

The video seems to have been shot by the All Lives Matter protest and shows what happened before and after the Black Lives Matter march.

The police cars that accompanied the Black Lives Matter march reached the All Lives Matter protesters about 20 seconds ago, a man lying on the ground. Soon after that, another man is kneeling on his neck and a resurrection of Floyd’s death begins.

Get other eyewitness videos shot by Black Lives Matters hikers, then what’s happening.

Black Lives Matter march Russell Sampson told CNN, “I felt something was happening because the officers started to move us across the street as we approached that area.”

Ten seconds after the companion police cars roll, the kneeling man starts shouting at them as the walkers approach. “You don’t fit this, that’s what,” she shouts, pointing to the person below her protesters. “Look … did not comply! It did not comply. If it did, this would not happen.”

Daryan Fennal, the organizer of the Black Lives Matter protest, said that he was brought to tears by seeing the CNN revival in Franklinville.

“I saw mothers trying to cover their children’s eyes,” he told CNN.

“Racism is everywhere, but it was what surprised me to display it in such a horrible and public way.”

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After the protesters pass, the man shooting the video begins to interpret the Black Lives Matter hikers.

“Blacks don’t matter anyone,” said the video. “All lives are important. All lives are important. The police are alive. God bless the police. God bless the police.

Correction officer suspended, FedEx employee fired

The reorganization received rapid criticism as the videos were widely shared on social media.

The New Jersey Government, Phil Murphy, condemned his behavior and said that “mocking” Floyd’s murder belittled the call for justice from our black and brown communities.

After the videos appeared and the anger went online, the New Jersey Correction Department said “he was involved in the shooting of a hateful and disappointing video that made fun of the killing of George Floyd.”

'Stop the pain': George Floyd's brother urges lawmakers to overhaul police laws

The department also launched a “comprehensive and expedited” investigation into the officer.

A source familiar with the situation says that the officer suspended at CNN is Joseph DeMarco, who has been employed by NJDOC for at least 18 years. The source said DeMarco hired a private lawyer after having “met” with his union on Tuesday. According to sources, DeMarco was to be interviewed by the NJDOC interior on Wednesday morning.

A hearing will be held after the interior advises, and then it will be decided to suspend DeMarco for a fee or free of charge.

Multiple calls to DeMarco by CNN were not returned.

Local union President William Sullivan told CNN that he had been notified of the incident around 12:30 am, representing approximately 6,000 correctional police in New Jersey. “He was upset by calling many officers,” he said on Tuesday.

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“We must continue to practice tolerance and understanding, not discrimination and hate,” the union said on its Facebook pages. “As a collective group, we pray for those who suffer and we are here to help each one heal.”

FedEx said it fired an employee allegedly seen in the video during the protest.

“FedEx has team members with high standards of personal behavior and we do not tolerate the terrible and aggressive behavior shown in this video. The person is no longer employed by FedEx. We support those who support justice and equality,” reads.

CNN is trying to reach the former FedEx employee and the suspended fixer.

However, Daryann Fennal, organizer of the Black Life Issue, says he will not stay away from his efforts. He says he described the revival as “not seeing” and scary and terrifying. “Despite the terrible event we have witnessed, I am hopeful for the future and hopefully we reached at least one person’s heart yesterday,” he said.

CNN’s Alta Spells, Taylor Romine and Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.

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