All background in negotiations between EU and UK

News ofBrexit Agreement Came on 24 December was definitely the most important and positive at the end of 2020. In the text released in recent times, it is possible to understand what changes take place from 1 January 2021 and what will be the results of both in the coming months. Europe Compared to Italy.

Many observers were surprised by the achievement of the deal among extremists, noting that a successful negotiation was not expected between the latest rumors before the agreement was announced Ursula von der Leyen I Boris Johnson, With‘The European Union Which has on several occasions issued an ultimatum to the British Government.

Specifically for, Daniel Sheridan Ferri, Spokesman The European Commission For Brexit talks, tell us what Step EI Background for conversation because of which The deal in between The European Union I The uk, As well as what economic and political consequences are expected to occur in the near future.

Brexit: All background of negotiations between EU and UK

The treaty in between The European Union I The uk Is defined by many “Amicable divorce“Who, as Ferrie says, will be able”Protecting EU rights in the UK and vice versa, ensuring peace and stability between Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as representing an agreement for our future relationship.“.

However, despite being “A good outcome, because the alternative, ie a no-deal scenario, would have disastrous consequences and lead to a relationship that was anything but favorable“The spokesman of the commission has not hidden the disappointment:”I think Brexit is a defeat for both of us and not just winners or losers“.

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Therefore, Ferri repeated: “The agreement reached on Christmas Eve is fair and balanced and fully safeguards the interests of the European Union, ensuring a level playing field in the future.“.

Even after being successful in the venture The deal However, in the last hours available “In no way does it reiterate the benefits of joining the union and it will have consequences to address, such as the establishment of trade barriers and cross-border controls that did not exist just a few weeks ago“.

Regarding the progress of negotiations between the parties, Ferri revealed that on more than one occasion “The possibility of a no-deal was high, but we have worked hard to protect our interests and I am happy with it“, As he lets himself in on a joke, admitting that he has understood that he is on the right track to a positive outcome”Day of agreement only“.

Interaction during coronovirus

Four and a half years that passed Leave victory al 2016 referendum, Unless the formality of exclusion of the United Kingdom from the community block was certainly complicated.

It has been many years, twist and turn, conversation and renegotiation and elections– Pheri believes –We spent the whole night attending meetings between London and Brussels“.

To make the situation more difficult in recent months, he has also thought about it Epidemic crisis, Which played a fundamental role in the progress of negotiations.

Not only did we have to negotiate the largest trade deal ever made by the EU in record time, but we also had to negotiate with coronavirus restrictions.“.

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For the part of the year, the talks were exclusively by videoconferencing, certainly not an ideal situation to hold talks.“But, Ferri smiles”We had the opportunity to peek inside our counterparts’ homes“.

Future relations between Europe and the United Kingdom

If representing one of the victories “Security of peace and stability on the island of Ireland“received thanks”The dedication of colleagues from all corners of Europe“Throat is about to exit the United Kingdom.” Erasmus Program.

We really regret it. The European Union was open to the possibility of the UK participating in the Erasmus program, but the Johnson government decided otherwise. It is a pity“.

Amid the positives of these negotiations, Daniel Ferri announced: “There is a relationship between all EU member states. I think we are much closer now than we were four years ago and I think all European leaders have welcomed the news of the deal.“.

Let’s see what will happen Europe I The ukThe words of the commission spokesman are clear: “Brexit is now past and we need to look further. We will face many challenges, but with the agreement that has been reached, we start with the right foot“.

Finally, there is room for an outrageous message for British citizens and institutions: “Our relationship may be different now, but Britain is a close ally of the European Union and this will not change in the future“.

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