Air Force officer says harassment is ‘entry price’ in military

Air Force officer says harassment is 'entry price' in military

A US Air Force lieutenant colonel was dressed by women and veterans because they were indulgent to the sexual harassment that Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen suffered before she was killed.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you? Sexual harassment is the price of women being admitted to a good ole men’s club. ” Lieutenant Col. who served at the Wisconsin Air Guards Betsy Schoeller posted on Facebook.

Scholler’s deleted comment was given in response to a story shared by another user about Guillen, Daily Mail reported.

Guillen disappeared in late April, and his remains were found in a Texas field two weeks ago. A male soldier suspected of turning him to death killed himself.

Before he disappeared, Guillen had told his family and friends that he had been sexually assaulted by a superior.

Women and veterans immediately pushed back Scholler, a senior lecturer at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. A petition school at called for him to fire.

The news agency criticized Scholler for accusing victims rather than harassers.

One woman wrote, “This is like not all girls being able to wear descriptive clothes, because men cannot control their impulses at another level.” “Gahhhh a lot of swear words fly around my head.”

He accepted a veteran.

“I spent half of my career literally on charges of sexual assault / harassment for seafarers,” he wrote.

“Leaders like him not only encourage harassment, but also protect predators. This is not a mindset he left in his uniform. He brought with him. “

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