After Scotland, Northern Ireland also wants to vote on independence

Brexit is causing the stability of the United Kingdom to break free from British imperialism that has risked dividing the country into three after exiting the European Union. This is what emerges from the new elections in the four nations united under the banner of Union Jack. Give it Latest data It emerges that one out of two citizens of Northern Ireland (51% of respondents) wants a referendum within the next five years that gives the population of the British part of the island the option to join the Republic of Ireland, and as such London Government passing for Dublin. The move would allow Belfast – swooping in one – to leave Britain and rejoin the European Union.

Will decide

Divided in two by the historic independence achieved by Dublin in 1922, despite the island’s apparent opportunity for reunification, the relative majority of Northern Irish still seem loyal to the British crown. According to the survey conducted by Sunday Times, 47% of respondents still want to remain in the UK, with 42% in favor of a united Ireland. Ultimately in the referendum – requested by most interviewees – unspecified would therefore be the tip of the balance, representing about 11% of voters to date.

Scotland has set fast

While the unity of Ireland is still an extremely divisive issue for voters, the Scots’ desire to leave Britain seems clear. The poll found that 49% of Scottish voters support independence from London, against 44%. Without undetermined, a possible referendum would end today with 52% in favor of the Scottish state. But more than the opinion of the Scots, what is printed is the confidence of the rest of the British on Edinburgh’s departure: in all four British nations, most voters He hopes Scotland leaves Britain within the next 10 years. In Wales, where support for independence has always been weak, only 23% of voters are in favor of leaving the United Kingdom, while 31% of those interviewed call for a referendum.

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