Afghanistan: US forces are withdrawing from the country and the Taliban are appropriately going to the Chinese. beginning of another era


The Taliban is actively looking for a key partner after US President Joe Biden initiated the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Indeed, while the United States is in the process of completing the withdrawal of its troops, the Taliban are trying to approach the Chinese regime to rebuild their country. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen believes that the current situation in the country may be favorable to the Chinese Communist regime.

He was open to China, later assuring that his interests as well as the security of his investments in the country would be protected. The Taliban’s intentions seem clear, as they seek to cooperate with China, which has since been called a “country friendly to Afghanistan”.

Suhail Shaheen went even further by addressing the issue of Uighurs in his area. On this subject, he was reassuring the presence of potential fighters of this minority in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the Chinese position appears to be part of the same dynamic, as Wang Yi, the head of Chinese diplomacy, expressed his desire on Thursday, July 8, that all parties could find a political solution to the Afghan issue.

However, the question of Uighurs addressed by Suhail Shaheen remains sensitive to Beijing. More than thirty years ago, the Chinese regime suspected the Taliban of harboring Uighur militants in their territory who had fled repression.

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