According to one expert, a “fourth wave is coming” in France

Remy Salomon, chairman of the Medical Establishment Commission of the APHP, warned: for him, “it is now clear, a fourth wave is coming”.

The curfew is over, restaurants, cinema and culture venues have opened, concerts have resumed … in France, deconfinement is total, in addition to the reopening of nightclubs, which will be effective from July 9. Covid-19 balance sheet figures continue to decline in France. On 26 June, France had 9,024 Covid-19 hospital patients, the lowest since October 13, 2020. 1,349 people were being treated in critical care services and around 2,000 new cases were detected. Statistics that can tell us that all lights are green.

“It’s clear now”

But this is not the case for Professor Rémy Salomon, chairman of the APPH Establishment Medical Commission, who is very familiar with the current situation with regard to the coronavirus and pandemic. On Twitter this Sunday, June 27, he issued an alert: “It is clear now, a fourth wave is coming”, He started. Before adding: “It can be controlled or conversely we can be forced to plunge back into the galley, which we no longer want, in hospitals and everywhere. How can we imagine that when we have a parade? Shall we go back there?”.

As you can see, the tweet has been retweeted several hundred times, liked more than 1,500 times and the reactions from internet users have been scintillating.

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Vaccinations and Types Delta

When Remy Salomon Calls “Parade in Hand”, it clearly refers to Vaccination, which appears to mark the time in France. If the professor is worried, it is also because of the Delta version that is wreaking havoc all over the world. Due to this type, many countries or cities have taken new containment measures to prevent its spread. In France, the delta variant would represent only 10% of new contamination. But according to many European experts, Majority may be formed by the end of August. For the fourth wave?

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