A student killed by a police officer in the DRC

A tragedy occurred during an altercation between a student and a police officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). According to information from the Congolese press and several witnesses, the latter actually shot the victim, named after him. Honor Shamawhile he was making the video. The controversy started when a policeman approached him as he was not wearing a mask.

“He was waiting instead of receiving the money”

During an interview with a French media, the patient hatesOne of the accomplices of the victim who was present on the spot said that the police officer shot him from point blank range. “Our comrade Honoree Shama, a student of the Letters Faculty of the University of Kinshasa, was filming a video as part of a practical assignment in comedy. A policeman asked him to wear his mask during filming” He said before adding this: “Despite his persuasion and showing the mask, the policeman was annoyed as he waited instead of taking the money, accused him of resisting and shot him at close range”.

Note that wearing a mask is mandatory DRC, due to the spread of the virus, especially since vaccination is suspended. For the record, anyone obliged to wear a mask is on pain of a $10,000 fine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, many cases of abuse are registered by the police, as they take advantage of the situation to extort money from the population without issuing a receipt.

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