A Seville square named after pro-Polisario activist Aminatou Hydari

Aminatou Haider. Source: Twitter/@rightlivelihood

A square in Seville is now named after Sahrawi independence activist Aminatou Haider, as announced by the Spanish press and media outlets of the Polisario Front on June 27.

An initiative taken by the municipal council of the San Pablo-Santa Justa district on the proposal of the local elected officials of the party of Izquierda Unida (IU-Unified Left), headed by the Minister of Consumption Albert Garzón.

it interferes with “The vital role that Sahrawi women play in supporting, respecting and advancing their cause and their people”, Defended Diana Fernandez, the head of the IU organization in the capital of Andalusia, where several pro-Polissario networks are active.

The decision adds to other pressures exerted by some circles of the abandoned Spanish on the government of Pedro Sánchez, already troubled by the Unidas-Podemos coalition, which organized a march in support of Polisario in several cities in the country and It was completed in June. 19 in Madrid.

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