A new trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports

The new Switch sports game, slated for April 29, will take gamers to Spoken Square and give gamers plenty of reasons to strap on their Joy-Con straps.

Nintendo Switch Sports is upon us, and in the meantime, Nintendo brings us a detailed trailer of the different modes and sports available to us.

According to the preview, Nintendo Switch Sports will take players to Spokeo Square, a sports complex that will serve as the main menu for the game. The giants will provide tennis, bowling and chambara (fencing) already available at Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. , The new sports are soccer, volleyball and badminton. Golf will also be added as free DLC this fall.

The trailer also showcases a variety of alternate gameplay and multiplayer modes that look fun to give more gameplay possibilities.

For example, players will have the option of adding obstacles to their path while bowling to spice up the game. They can also play survival bowling, a mode that pits up to 16 random online players in a bowling tournament. For fencing, they can choose from one of 3 different types of swords, including a sword that charges with energy and electrocutes the opponent.

The new trailer also showed an example of action for each activity requested in the game. Like soccer where it would be possible to kick the ball if you buy the physical version of the game which includes a Joy-Con strap for the foot. Of course, since this is a game that’s played entirely in motion-control, you’ll have to go ahead and pair your Joy-Con well, above all. The presenter moves calmly, but we know that most players have to be very careful not to break everything around them.

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