A Magic Gesture to Transfer Images from an iPhone to a Mac

A buzzing video shows a trick to quickly transfer an image between an iPhone and a Mac or iPad without going through AirDrop. A simple gesture on each device’s screen is enough, which makes this function a breeze of a magic trick.

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Some functions of our computer and Smartphones Can seem like magic at times, and it’s just this kind of sleight of hand that is all the rage right now. on. a video shared by TIC Toc by a former employee Apple The brand shows its surprise by finding a way to quickly send images between its various devices.

just display your image in question iPhone And pinch with three fingers. On your Mac, in a text editor like Notes, Messages, or Email, do the reverse gesture (spread three fingers apart) and you’re done. This is reverse as well as a . works with both ipad, Of course, there are some conditions that must be met first. Electronics (Mac, iPhoneiPad) must be logged in with the same iCloud account, and you must have Bluetooth and cordlessAs well as handoff function on source and destination devices.

A function that has gone unnoticed for three years

it depends on the magic trick Universal Clipboard, a feature added in 2019. Its use for transferring text was well known, but looking at it, it seems that most users were unaware that it was possible to use it with images. Three-finger gestures correspond only to the copy and paste functions.

For Macs Without a touch screen, it seems possible to paste the image with three-finger gestures TouchPad, but not to copy it. So using shortcuts will suffice” keyboard Command and C”, or to go through the “Edit” menu. This trick isn’t just limited to text and images, and can transfer files as well.

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