A 99-million-year-old amphibian with a slingshot-style tongue has been found

Illustration of a projection-tongue-with-albenerpetontideStephanie Abramovich / Daza et / Science / PA Wire

Images of 99-million-year-old amphibians with slingshot-style tongues

Get a load on this guy’s tongue! But what on earth is there? Is it a frog? A chameleon? A salamander? Nah – this is a “weird” 99 million year old amphibian known as an albanarpetontid! Now that face!

Scientists have discovered the fossil of a pre-historic animal in Myanmar and believe it is the oldest evidence of a slingshot-style tongue.

They said the armored animal was a “sitting and waiting predator” that snatched the prey by firing their supposed ballistic tongues.

Although they had lizard-like claws, scales and tails, the researchers believed that albenerpetonotides were not reptiles, but part of a family of amphibians like frogs and nuts.

In a study published in the journal Science, scientists changed how they thought of feeding this tiny creature, as albenerpetonotides were thought to be underground baroque before.

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