9 years after the last episode, Crytek formalizes Crisis

this was it subject of rumors for a few months, but crytek Just confirmed information comes a new teaser: Crysis 4 is well and truly in development,

And that’s all we know for now, while there’s a hidden meaning to the phrase “it’s time to join the journey and be a hero.” fans of the series, On the official blog, the post that accompanies the announcement, however, indicates that The project is still in its early stages and you have to be patient before learning more,

As development progresses, we’ll post more details when we can. But in the meantime, know that our dedicated and talented team is working hard to bring you a true next generation shooter.

If the first episode was largely ahead of its time in 2007 (bringing several generations of GPUs to their knees, to the extent of becoming a meme), is CE Crisis 4 Will be able to bring something new to the table too From a gameplay point of view compared to technical , while the chain is long Published by Electronic ArtsOf course, it’s worth noting that Crytek is now playing it alone.

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