7 people arrested for Nazi greetings and racial slurs in the black family arrested

7 people arrested for Nazi greetings and racial slurs in the black family arrested

Police said on Sunday that seven white men were arrested for being racist intestines that gave Nazi salute and a black family celebrated Independence Day in Oregon.

Seven people from Clark County, Washington, were part of a larger “very drunk” group that harassed the family in Lincoln City on July four. said the police.

Officers were first called to the beach in front of the Inn at Spanish Head Resort Hotel at 23:30. For the report of people who hit illegal fireworks and disturbed others.

The group of about 10 people besieged the police and said, “They started to mock and challenge officers because they got illegal fireworks,” said the police.

The police later learned that the bigots were harassing a family on the beach, and the officers learned that they formed a line between them that “allowed the black family to safely leave the beach and return to their rooms.”

Meanwhile, the corrupt were allegedly challenging a fight with the cops, and some began to show fireworks in front of the officers.

Police arrested 22-year-old Ruslan Tkachenko; Antoliy Kachankov, 28; Andrey Zaytsev, 28; Gennadiy Kachankov, 30; Yuriy Kachankov; 30; Oleg Saranchuk, 45, and the seventh man who refused to reveal his identity.

They were charged with riot, intervention to the police, irregular behavior, harassment, illegal fireworks, and throwing offensive rubbish. Kachankov was also charged with resisting arrest.

Six of the men were released on Sunday and cited due to local coronavirus restrictions in the county prison.

Police officers were booked to Lincoln County Prison for the seventh, “fingerprint recognition” that refused to recognize and had no identity.

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