517 Ukrainians arrived in Calais to join the United Kingdom, half were returned to the border

1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the conflict. They are moving west, into Poland, Romania, and some into France, Nord and Pas-de-Calais. From 28 February 517 people arrived in Calaisso To try to reach relatives in the UK. near half of them were turned away on the border.

250 Refueled Refugees

according to the data of Pas-de-Calais. province ofit’s already worried 250 people, They wanted to take the ferry or the Channel Tunnel, but couldn’t because they didn’t have a visa.

In a press release, the prefecture outlines Difficulty completing administrative procedures For the fleeing people.”Already tired of your long and arduous journey“Especially since many people are unaware that you have to go to the embassy in Paris or Brussels to get a visa.

diplomatic tension

The status of these refugees is New topic of tension between French and British officials, This Saturday, March 5, Interior Minister Gerald Darmine criticized “lack of humanity“Across the channel. His British counterpart replied this Sunday that he can’t”just open the door“For all the refugees in the country.

A British consulate is set to be set up in Calais this weekend to facilitate administrative procedures for Ukrainian deportees, but it does not issue visas,

Inequality of means?

136 Ukrainians currently in transit in Calais, till the finalization of their administrative procedures. they are Stayed in Youth Hostel Thanks to the resources of the city, municipality and state. ,In Calais, while unions have been demanding housing for people stranded at the border for years, places have been freed up for people arriving from Ukraine in a matter of days.“, on Friday 4 March, reacted to the support of the exiled Utopia 56.

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When asked about the subject earlier this week, the mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchard said justified this difference in reception “two different audiences, ,Ukrainians are in a regular position. They ask for help from the state while the expatriates received in Calais do not ask for anything from France, they are in an irregular situation and simply want to go to England and refuse support from France.“, he defended.

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