5 American holidaymakers refuse entry to Sardinia under new EU rules

(CNN) – Police told CNN that five Americans flying to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia on a private jet refused to enter Italy on Wednesday due to new travel restrictions to countries with high coronavirus infection rates.

According to the Cagliari Police spokesperson, the private jet, which will depart with 11 vacationers from Colorado, arrived at Cagliari airport on Wednesday morning.

Earlier this week, the European Union officially adopted a series of proposals that allow passengers from outside the block to visit EU countries. However, the list of 14 countries did not include the United States, whose current Covid-19 infection rate did not meet the criteria set by the EU as a “safe country”.

Five US citizens were traveling with friends from New Zealand, England, Germany and Italy. There were also three children on the ship.

The spokesman said the Italian authorities were trying to “find a solution” to the problem of American travelers, but there was no way around the new decree that took effect Tuesday.

Approximately 14 hours later, the whole group decided to leave Cagliari on the same day in their jets, and the police set off to Birmingham, England.

It was unclear whether the passengers planned to land in the UK. Britain requires US travelers to quarantine for 14 days.

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