27,000 victims could have been avoided in Kovid, United Kingdom: Charges against Johnson

in The uk they could be Average for 27,000 victims Because of Kovid, this is the allegations leveled against the British premier by Sankalp Foundation’s thinktank Boris johnson And his government.

According to the study conducted by the foundation, the British government will have Waited too long E to tighten restrictive measures Apply lockout During the month of January, however, it was clear that infections were steadily increasing due to the proliferation of the now-maligned English version.

Kovid in Britain, 30,000 victims can be avoided

Installation of lockdown will be delayed There were about 30,000 deaths In uk In fact, the government would have implemented a total shutdown in January, when there were already signs during the month of December that showed a Unavoidable increase in infections. The accumulation of delay will account for about one-fifth of all Kovid’s death in England, thereby avoiding sanctions. Limit the spread of the virus, Especially in the most vulnerable areas of the population.

The Resolution Foundation report also states that Boris Johnson’s government is Late after first signs of Kovid in Europe. In fact, our country had already declared a national lockdown on 9 March 2020, while England waited two weeks before making the same decision.

Me too AutumnDuring the second wave, answer British government would have Its very lateDespite insistence from a large group of scientists. And finally, during the Christmas period, the absence of restrictions allowed the virus to spread to the undisturbed incoming Causes of 50,000 infections per day During the month of January.

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Financial results

Although the vaccination campaign is moving faster in the UK than in other European countries, the Resolution Foundation studied the report Delay Johnson’s official lockdown statement was due to want Protect commercial activities From further off.

However, according to Resolution Foundation chief economist Mike Brewer “Accepting the increase in deaths has not limited economic impact, on the contrary it is inevitable later. Lockdown was longer and more expensive. Furthermore, to fix the delay, the duration and stiffness of the closure were longer, resulting in a Major financial loss Especially for low-income families, ie those who were most affected in terms of death as well as increasing poverty.

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