18-year-old Macy charged with viral video capture charges

18-year-old Macy charged with viral video capture charges

Officials said Michigan authorities accused an 18-year-old black man of the white Macy’s manager for the video capture attack.

Damire Palmer of Mount Morris Township faces a series of heavy assaults on the 26th of June’s Flint store to inflict less bodily harm for the attack on the employee. Palmer is still in the wind.

“This was an unprovoked attack against a Macy employee,” said Genesee County Attorney David Leyton. “As seen in the video, this behavior cannot be accepted, guilty and allowed.”

The official said that, contrary to the initial allegations, police and prosecutors did not reveal any evidence that Palmer attacked personnel after claiming that he used the word N.

“We don’t believe any racial slurry was made by the store manager,” said Leyton.

Authorities approach the manager from behind and rub it on the head and hit the ground after Palmer walks around the shop in a surveillance video from prosecutors from Macy.

According to the director’s location, Palmer beats him while the manager is on the ground. Palmer then leaves the store with his brother.

Damire Palmer
Damire Palmer Flint County Police Department

In viral cell phone images, Macy’s employee is shown wearing a mask and talking to a cell phone when a black man punched him from behind and fell to the ground. “What are you doing this for?” The manager then tries to crawl. “I’m sorry,” the staff says, before Palmer takes another two hits.

Prosecutors said there is insufficient evidence to support a hate crime charge.

If convicted, Palmer receives up to 10 years in prison. The authorities do not plan to blame his brother, who allegedly filmed the attack, because they do not believe he committed a crime.

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