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The family of the woman who plays Aunt Jemima opposes the rebranding movement

The family of a Texas woman who once played Aunt Jemima called on the breakfast brand to reconsider her decision to remove her usual luminaire from her products.

Vera Harris said she was proud at Quaker Oates, exploring the family’s second cousin Lillian Richard to become a brand representative in 1925. news station KLTV reported.

“He was considered a hero [her hometown of] Hawkins and we are proud of it. We do not want this date to be erased. ”

Harris said that Richard had been working for the company for 23 years and wandered as Aunt Jemima to serve pancakes until he had a stroke.

“He lived an honest life for several years. “He toured Texas,” said Harris, “back then there was not much work, especially for black women.”

Harris said he was upset that the family would re-brand Aunt Jemima products in a statement from Quaker Oates last week.

“We want the world to know that our cousin Lillian is Aunt Jemimas and lives an honest life. We just ask you to review deleting all of them, ”said Harris.

“I wish we could take a breath and not just get rid of everything, because good or bad, this is our history. Deleting this is a part of me – part of each of us. “

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