ZZ tops from Abbey Lincoln: Bill & Ted’s Most Winning AZ Film

Abe Lincoln

Potash 16, issuing release notice, ill-advised theatergoer. Most importantly, however, for Bill and Ted’s history report – no different than Gettysburg’s address – he gives a rude speech even though they kidnap him.

Bill S. Preston Isk

Alex Winter is the hero of our title. Notable for a valley accent, and the trend of wearing crop tops (So Right now on the great adventures of Bill and Ted (1989).

Circle K.

Strange things are here. A chain of convenience stores in the United States, this is where our heroes first encounter Rufus, their future shelf and a certain phone box.

Bill & amp;  Its actors;  Ted's great adventure.

The cast of Bill & Ted’s great adventures. Photo: Ronald Grant


If there is a villain in Excellent Adventure, it is this guy. Official and unsupported, he threatened to send Ted to military school if history did not pass. Disgusting.

Bad robots are ours

The villains of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991), they – spoiler warnings – kill Bill and Ted completely and take their place for future change.


The father of modern psychology – pronounced “froud”. He proposes to psychologist Bill, who politely refuses and diagnoses a “minor oedipal complex” (see Missy) self-diagnosis.

Grim Reaper

New Dead Soul collector, really bad at board games, and the greatest double bus player for Weld Stalins.


Not a pretty place – it looks a bit like a Megadith album cover. Where the worst fears are realized and traumas are relieved for eternity. Basically, Sunday Ikea.

Bill and Ted with their daughters, Billy and Thea, face Bill and Ted in the music.

Bill and Ted with their daughters, Billy and Thea, face Bill and Ted in the music. Photo: Entertainment Photo / Almi

Iron Maiden

Not heavy metal bands, unlike the medieval torture from which they got their name. Some Royal Ugly Dudes catch Bill and Ted one after the other.

Joan of Arc

Fighter, martyr, aerobic instructor. Another hijacker from B&T.

King Edward IV

Most probably the king for the medieval period, where our heroes landed.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Although he is 250 years old this year, he still surprisingly specializes in composers of the 80s, providing the intimacy of music during the reporting of “Beat-Oven” history.


The source of Bill’s young stepmom and his Oedipal complex. Missy married Ted’s father on Bogus Journey and then, Face the Music, we know someone else.


Ted’s younger brother Deacon is Bill and Ted’s first kidnapper is Babysat. Bonaparte throws tantrums at an ice cream parlor, a bowling alley and a waterpark. Some dictators do not need to be satisfied.


Producer and distributor of the first two films. Selling to MGM in 1997, the Orion “Vanity Card” is still present at the beginning of the new movie.

Bill and Ted's great adventure.

Call a friend … Billy joins The Kid Bill and Ted’s great adventure. Photo: Ulster / Orion

Phone box

The mode of transport of our heroes, in no way stole from Dr. Hu. Just look for the time you need in the phone book, dial the number and make sure the door is locked.


What is a hero without one? The first movie is to pass a history class to stop their band splitting; Second they must stop dying; And thirdly they must save the universe with a song.


Counselor, quick dresser and quiet presence. Rufus was sent from 2886 to lead Weld Stalins to generosity. Starring the much-missed George Carlin, Rafas’s successor in the new movie is his daughter Kelly, played by Kristen Schachal.

San Dimas |

The satellite city is home to LA and our heroes.

Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan

People from speed.

The world

If Wild Stalens doesn’t write the predicted song that his future is in jeopardy … that ‘unknown … will survive. No stress, boys.

Vasquez Rocks

Where B&T is thrown into their bogus journey. Other users in this position include Hot Shots! Part Deuce, Blogging Saddles and Star Trek.

Wild Stability

Bill and Ted’s band. Their music helps end wars and poverty and aligns the planets and brings them into universal harmony‚Ķ more than ever before.


See, it’s very hard to get a decent entry with an “X”, right? (E) Excellent is a positive adjective that is regularly deployed by our heroes before some air guitars.

You have sunk my battlefield

The excitement of death after losing the first board game that challenged Bill and Ted to get their lives back. Other games played include Twister and Cludo.

ZZ top

Featured bands on the soundtrack include Megadeth, Kiss and Weser but ZZ Top is hidden here not only because it’s very useful because “Z”, but our heroines just look like them for the end of the bogus journey … and then a kiss song Play.

Bill & Ted Face Music If the movie Today

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