Zikkala meets international investors to rebuild KwaZulu-Natal’s economy

  • KwaZulu Natal’s Prime Minister Sohail Zikalala will hold a meeting with the diplomatic corps and international investors on Thursday.
  • He will inform the international community and ensure that the boycott is open and ready for action.
  • nsAgricultural union KZN says the unrest has destroyed 55% of economic activity in rural towns.

KwaZulu-Natal Chief Minister Sohail Zikalala is due to meet with members of the diplomatic corps and international investors to discuss efforts to rebuild the province in the wake of recent civil unrest and looting.

The meeting is expected to take place in Gauteng on Thursday in an effort to inform and reassure the international community that the province is prepared and open to action.

The looting of shopping malls, hospitals, schools, warehouses, banks, public houses and communication infrastructure in July severely hit the province’s economy.

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The KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Association (Kwanalu) estimated that the unrest destroyed 55% of economic activity in rural towns, while at least 64% of rural towns faced severe food shortages.

Zikala’s message in the two-day meeting will be that the security situation has stabilized and the area is now ready for action.

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“We will build a solid base of skills and employment,” he said.


“The medium to long term response will be focused on reassurance, rebuilding and at the same time standing and uniting KZN.”

The Prime Minister said that he was of the view that employment in post-conflict situations is an important factor in achieving short-term stability, social and economic progress and lasting peace.

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The boycott had “divided the economy” into 15 key sectors that would revive export and investment growth. It will breathe new life into the ‘investment landscape’ with 200 projects using the KZN Investment Book.

These include: agriculture, agro-processing, clothing and textiles, transport and logistics (rail, road, air); Tourism; maritime economy; creative industries; financing and services; Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR); ICT and Innovation; health innovation and industrialization; industrial development; infrastructure development of the informal sector (water, energy and sanitation); investment and trade; Manufacturing (automotive, paper and pulp); Mining and mineral extraction.

The Zikalala are found from Inoue from South Korea, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Singapore, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the Federal Republic of Germany.

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