Zen stones, these pebbles that seem to fly on snow

Pebbles that appear to float just above the frozen lake, balancing on top of a nearly invisible ice pedestal. It is this phenomenon, also called “Zen Stones” in reference to Japanese gardens consisting of heaps of similar pebbles, which was explained by two scientists Nicolas Taberlet and Nicolas Plihon in a study published in the journal PNAS on September 28, 2021 . .

“Everything is played thanks to a sublimation of the surface

Already seen and photographed many times over large frozen areas such as Lake Baikal in Russia, this phenomenon has just been reported as indicated science and the future Nicolas Taberlet, University researcher Claude Bernard Leon 1 and first author of the scientific article. “TookHe had never before scientifically explained the formation of these stones. On the Internet, many photos show them and suggest they are caused by melting ice, but if that were the case, liquid water would have remained around and then controlled again at night. Here we show that everything is played thanks To a sublimation NS surface, not melting ice.” Thus, this phenomenon would be due to sublimation, i.e., in this case, to the transformation of ice into water vapor. “The sublimation of a pure substance corresponds to the change of state from the solid state to the gas state. We rarely experience it on a daily basis, especially at home in France.”, N. The tablet continues. Very rarely seen in nature, such a change of state requires really precise conditions. “Situations where snow freezes are rarely found in France, where freezing occurs when lakes freeze. FrequentlyMFeatherTea. Ice prevents sublimation, so you need a place where it can freeze for a long time, Without him ice, like To Lake Baikal, Russia “, N adds tablet.

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