Zemour, the man whose media can no longer live without

On the front page of non-presidential candidate Eric Zemour the audience. The British weekly Zemour presents its analysis of the event, which promises to be a spectacle in the French electoral campaign.

“Plan Z” “The Rise of Eric Zemor”, Topic the audience It’s October 21. The conservative London weekly, which recently posted an average of two articles per week devoted to a non-candidate for the French presidential election, has taken advantage of this and flashed it on its front page.

From the beginning, he notices that “The fact that Eric Zemor has not announced his candidacy for the presidential election next year is not fooling anyone”. With her team and her surprisingly professional campaign, there is no doubt that the journalist will join Elysee’s race for the magazine. To the concern of the Parisian elite and foreign correspondents, he observes, “Qualify him as easily agitator and pretentious”. But, he explains, “What drives the media really crazy is their inability to talk about Zemour”.

The man, often on person, has more in common with Boris Johnson than with Donald Trump, the newspaper’s editor believes. “Like the British Prime Minister, Zamour is a true intellectual, often mistaken for a clown. He is a patriot and thinker who writes his own books and has a whole list of derogatory remarks and articles, which His critics can tap into. He is also someone who knows how to make a comeback despite failures

Basically, they write, their advisers say the soon-to-be-completed 200-page manifesto will go beyond immigration issues and include proposals for fiscal, foreign or defense policy, all flattering. “An old-fashioned French conservatism, nostalgia for France before the wave of incest of sixty-eight people”.

majority of “What Zamour threatens to do – and what makes it so terrifying for politicians – is unify the right in a predominantly conservative country.” And though that may very well end to “scattering voices” Well, there is a possibility to see him face the President of the Republic on television, for this weekly, “very pleasing”. He concludes:

In the great debate about what it means to be French in origin, Mr. Z may contain the last word. “

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“The Spectator” is an organization of the British Press. Founded in 1828, it is the leading magazine for intellectuals and conservative leaders, but also Eurosceptics: the audience supported leaving the union


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