Zelensky announced that the Russians would try to capture Kiev overnight, Moscow vetoed a resolution at the United Nations

Update on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Fighting broke out in the capital on Friday, a day after Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine. Interactions of fires and explosions were heard especially in the Obolonsky district and deafening explosions in the city center. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the Russian military of “Bombing Civilian Neighborhoods”, He mentioned at least 137 dead and 316 wounded on the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian forces also reported clashes with Russian armored units in two areas between 40 and 8 km north of the capital.

  • Zelensky says he discussed military aid with Biden

aware of being one “aim” A priority for the Russian military, the Ukrainian president has promised to remain in Kiev despite the advance of Russian troops. Volodymyr Zelensky appeared for the presidency and claimed to have discussed sanctions against Moscow and A. “Solid Help” Kiev forces.

  • over 50,000 Ukrainians fled their country

More than 50,000 Ukrainians have fled their country in less than four hours, according to the head of the UN agency for refugees, which counted 100,000 on Thursday.

Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov are on the list of people approved by the European Union.

The Council of Europe has decided “suspend” Any participation of Russian diplomats and representatives in its main bodies ” with immediate effect “, The OECD will shut down Russia’s accession process and close its office in Moscow.

France has said it favors pulling Russia out of the SWIFT banking system, an approval that some countries such as Germany and Hungary have been reluctant to take for fear of their energy supplies.

  • NATO deployed elements of its reaction force

NATO has begun deploying elements of its reaction force to further strengthen its defense posture and be able to respond quickly to any eventuality.

  • Ukraine worries about Chernobyl

Ukraine said it recorded worrying radiation data at the damaged Chernobyl power plant, which fell into the hands of the Russian military a day earlier. Moscow confirmed that everything was under control there and the IAEA, the UN nuclear police, did not show recorded levels. “no danger”,

  • Sports, culture… Russia excommunicated

The Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 2 in Sochi, in the south-west of this country, has been cancelled. The Champions League final, which was due to take place in St Petersburg, has been moved to the Stade de France near Paris on 2 May.

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee has urged all international sports federations to cancel or move any events in Russia or Belarus.

Russia has also been banned from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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