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Beautiful scottish, very special

Journey to the end of Britain

Film by diana zimmerman

Quite Scottish, quite strange: more than usual, at the end of 2020, people at the northern end of the UK are wondering what it really means to be Scottish.

How unique are people and how do they differentiate themselves from the rest of the state? Which new border of the country appears, which neither England nor the weather can descend? ZDF correspondent Diana Zimmerman is on the way to the end of Britain.

Sophie Gault has a wonderful workplace: right in the middle of the highlands, at the foot of Ben Elder. She is a hunter and the decision for this job was the best idea for her: “I am really proud to be Scottish. And now that I am working in nature and with the animals here, Scotland gives me even more is.” We have a strong sense of community and I am proud of my very Scottish humor. ”

Love for Scotland and its people – it also shaped Joyce Duncan. She lives on the island of Shetland, which is probably something like the essence of Scotland: dream land, quite populated. People here love the community all the more: “We Shetlanders have always been great travelers and still very proud of their heritage. We go far and bring something home from there.” Joyce did just that: grew up in Shetland, first went to London, then to Africa. When her daughter was born, she returned. And set himself the task of cheering Shetland’s schoolchildren about African drumming.

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Frank Sprang also has big plans. The former Air Force pilot planned to build Britain’s first spaceport on the northernmost Shetland island of Unst, and to launch the first telecommunications and weather satellites into space by autumn 2020. “Brexit escalated the issue. It increased Britain’s desire to stay at the forefront of the space race. Of course, everything would be easier if we stayed in the European Union. It would have been easier to get staff in the country, technical. Equipment. And know how. ”

On her visit to the northern end of the UK, ZDF correspondent Diana Zimmerman experiences it repeatedly: It is impossible to travel across the country at the end of 2020 without talking about Brexit. Geography and history have led Scots to a point where many people see their future outside the United Kingdom.

Diana Zimmerman on big plans for a small country with big characters: “Very self, very Scottish”.

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