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Biodiversity is the various forms of the earth, all its forms and all its interactions. David MacDonald, a professor at Oxford University, says: “Without biodiversity, humanity has no future. It consists of different levels of genes, then individual species, then animal communities, and finally the whole ecosystem, such as the forest or coral reef, where life interplayes with the physical environment.”

There will be no oxygen without plants and no fruit or nuts without bee pollen. The value of the services provided by the ecosystem is estimated at billions of dollars – double the world’s GDP. Europe alone spends about 3% of the continent’s GDP or 4 450 million (400 400 million) a year to reduce biodiversity.

The extinction rate of the species is now thought to be about a thousand times higher than before it dominated the planet, which could be much faster than the losses after the extinction of a giant meteor dinosaur m500 years ago. According to some scientists, the sixth mass extinction in geological history has already begun, with billions of people lost. Researchers have called the widespread loss of wildlife “biological eradication.”

Conservation efforts can be effective even if it takes centuries or millennia, climate change is changeable. But once the species is extinct, it does not return.

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