Zagahri-Ratcliffe’s treatment of “torture” in Iran in London

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said the treatment of Iranian-British Nazneen Zagari-Ratcliffe in Iran, where he was recently sentenced to one year imprisonment.

“I think the way the amount is treated to torture him and the Iranians has a very clear and unequal obligation to release him,” Dominic Raab, British Foreign Secretary, told the BBC.

The accused for “propaganda” against the Islamic Republic, 42-year-old Nazneen Zagari-Ratcliffe, was sentenced to one year in prison on April 26, leaving Iran a year after completing a one-year prison and one-year sentence.

“Cat and mouse game”

Asked if London believed she was being held “hostage”, the foreign minister replied that “it is difficult to argue against this characterization, I have already said”. “It is clear that this is the purpose of a cat-and-mouse game” and Tehran uses it as a “lever on the United Kingdom”, such as others in bipartisan custody or engaged with Iranian justice, of which London The release demands “immediate and without conditions”, he said.

The British Iranian, the project manager for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the news agency of the same name, was arrested in 2016 in Tehran, where she went to visit her family. He was sentenced to five years in prison, accused of plotting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

He was placed under house arrest in Tehran along with his parents after he was released from prison in March 2020 due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. She no longer wears an electronic bracelet from 7 March 2021.

Her husband Richard Ratcliffe once considered his wife a ‘hostage’ for a political game on an old loan contracted by the UK when the Shah of Iran bought him for a $ 400 million (467 million euro) tank. London refused to give them when the emperor was ousted in 1979, although the money was retained.

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