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Ys Origin Review (Switch) |  Nintendo Life

Nihon Falcom Yes (Pronounced “Isis”) has been around since the days of the PC-800, but only now we see this constructive story in a lot of popular stories. Well, technically, a lot of people have already seen it when it was first released in 2006, or initially localized in 2012. Thanks, now that it’s on the switch we can see that it holds up great and it’s good to play for the first time or for one of the many Encore playthroughs.

Its speed Ys source Several. An action-rpg with the “action” part is too much writ large; More similar as we like it Gauntlet Say, say, Zelda Series There is no doubt that many series fans in this statement will continue to gnash their teeth at the ignorance of this author and we can only apologize for that; What you say is not happening Committed Longtime fan Yes Series, you may wonder if a useful position can actually be given. The thing here though – regardless of your attachment to the host franchise, Wise Origin is nice fun.

That’s the speed at which it works – their meat and potato gameplay is a very familiar thing – run, jump, attack, magic attack. It’s never too complicated, but it doesn’t need to be; Enhanced design with strong enemies and environmental risk identities always keeps you on your toes and considering you play a game that spends most of your time fighting your enemies, the fight never explodes completely.

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In the beginning, you choose a character – either Hack n ‘Slash Unica or Range Attacker Hugo – then place it in the very linear essence of the huge dorm tower, each floor of which effectively encloses a “dungeon” through which you have to crawl. Said thanks to the amazing wind, ease of control of your character and fast speed for navigating the darkness – raining your way through the rooms is so effortless in terms of basic navigation that you will never feel Ys Original Slug, even the difficulty spike upwards.

The challenge is a strong one, but it is also very easy to deal with when you hit a wall. Leveling your loss output at Wise Origin is extremely powerful in terms of instantaneous impact – the first encounter is a boss that rarely encounters an impossible battle going backwards and crushing a few can be a much more compelling challenge level.

Now, you may not want to hear any word apply the word “humiliation”, but the process of beating monsters here is so enjoyable that it’s really fun to find an excuse to spend more time doing it. It is a pleasure to perform your special attack to satisfy the content of the repeated effects and to melt into the crowd of grunts.

Destruction of enemies results in a shower of shaking items, returning from SP (spent on permanent upgrades to save points) to temporary buffers from health; This triggers a mini version of that comfort Diablo Impact monitoring items you have efficiently sent flying from the enemy. You’ve gone level by level too quickly, so it’s very fun to combine the necessary kills with a quick sweep of the dungeon for the chest of the hidden treasure.

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This ease of advancement (in terms of accessibility, not the difficulty of the game) leads to action RPGs that seem free-friendly, which is a bit far from what this reviewer might find a somewhat isolated genre. Among its contemporaries, including others in the Wise series, the original is easy to grasp. It’s not the longest game we’ve seen before – we spent about an hour with Unica – but other character versions of this game can always play. Granted, out of the story and with a few remix elements, it’s not Terribly Different, but you have the option if you want to spend more time in the dorm tower. Digging into more and more hidden items as you discover means of access is achieved by simply using save points to rap from floor to floor – another wonderfully effective touch.

In terms of presentation, Wise Origin is nice to look at, if there’s a date – 3D environments are never impressive, aimed at function at the top of the form, which means you’ve got clear, clear areas (if a bit vague) to navigate mixed with interesting characters. And sprites for monsters. Running at locked 60fps, it is never less than flawless in performance. The music is also great – the familiar voice motifs blend in with an interesting, upbeat soundtrack that’s perfectly suited for fast-paced and exciting gameplay.


The story here takes a back seat to the bright and compelling dark hole crawling gameplay, which should apply even to those who don’t want to enjoy action RPGs. No puzzles, no battles, and no single room surpasses Wise Origin’s welcome, as a result of one of the brightest, easiest-to-play games we’ve played in a long time. Of course, the visuals may be better, the overall length may be too short for RPG fans and there is a lot of grinding, but if you are a fan of this kind of thing it remains a solid option. A simple recommendation to anyone interested in RPG, Wise Origin is perfect even if you haven’t touched any games in the series before. Now, we can get Yes: Oth in Felgana Switch, too?

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