You’ve missed two important things since Destiny 2’s Hunt release season al

Yesterday, Destiny released tons of information on both the new Vidok and Hunt’s season roadmap, so I think something slightly different has changed. As such, I wanted to highlight two specific aspects that I think may have been overlooked, given that they were only briefly touched or only touched.

Yes, there are some weird story things we’ve seen Javala and Osiris are talking to some cable, And I’m sure someone wrote down every single aspect and piece they showed for the second split of the video, but here are two things that stood in front of me:

Dark subclass, plural

It may be an early build and something that has changed for release, but to show the screen of the new “dark mode” character, for a moment, we see that it says the plural “selected dark subclass”

This is the first real hint I’ve seen other than fan theorizing that Stasis has multiple new elements and the subclass is only the first of its kind in the game, and the idea could be about three now combined with our three light subclasses.

What are they and when will they come? Now it is back to pure theory again, although there is no doubt that the obvious assumption is that we will be able to achieve a new subclass element with the next two expansions already announced, The Witch Queen and Lightfall.

As for the components themselves, it can forever be assumed that Destiny could finish the work of a green “poison” material type that has already been seen in Thorne’s choices and now the new Warlock outer gloves, the necrotic grip. And for a “red” third element, SIVA was a common notion, although recently I heard someone say it could be based on nightmares, because it’s a dark subclass above all, which makes more sense.

With luck Six The elements seem wild instead of three, and my head is already trying to type-match all those solders and there are still plenty of RPG games that have a lot of primitive types in them, and it turns out that Destiny might be the same reason.

Cosmodrome is only half returning

As seen by U / BryanxBang, the part of the cosmodrome that will pass light is not close to the entire Destiny 1 areas, even when you do not count the plaglands, which we knew did not return.

We also knew that two more strikes would be added next year, and yet I didn’t really consider it to be Region This includes parts of strikes like The Devil’s Layer that will not appear later. Much of the part of CustomDrom that will return is an area where players can already access Destiny 2 somewhat through the opening of the New Light and a few other random searches.

This is somewhat frustrating, and reinforces the notion that at least in terms of terrestrial (looting should say nothing), that bound light seems to be at least physically smaller than Forsaken. I think the Dreaming City is not huge, and yet by default it feels much more sensitive than 40% of the cosmodrome, the rest seems to be added later.

I got it, but it was kind of shaky, because I loved exploring the whole zone, even though I still didn’t have enough content to fill it. Another thing to note is that the new Cosmodrome map has a lost sector icon where Randall Vandal would have been so overwhelmed, probably expecting the arrival of a tank boss.

In addition to the larger, more obvious things revealed like the return of Uidren, these two things stood out to me the most from Vidok. Do you think I missed?

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