YouTuberin was very skeptical about the “secret project”

It’s called Bad Luck: A YouTuber turned down a role offer and it was later revealed it was for Netflix’s “Squid Game.”

Nothing like this has ever happened in a South Korean production on Netflix: the survival thriller series “Squid Game” climbed to the top of the charts in 90 countries around the world after a short start-up phase, including Germany, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom. and USA. Even those in charge of Netflix didn’t expect such a huge success, as co-CEO Ted Sarandos admitted at the Code conference in Beverly Hills. What’s more, the series from director and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk (“Silent”) is on its way. Most successful netflix series of all time to become.

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An incredible development considering that no one had any idea of ​​the production until it was made available via a streaming service; Especially not when Netflix announced the mini-series in September 2019 as “Round Six” with nine episodes. YouTuber Raye who didn’t even know what opportunity was coming. The US-American, who hails from the US state of Minnesota, lives in South Korea with her boyfriend Jin. They both run the YouTube channel “Ray & Jin”.

In October 2020, she received a message via Instagram from a production company that was looking for models and actors, Ray explained in a recent YouTube post:

“They said, ‘Hey, we’re looking for a model. You get a body painting. You’ll just be in your panties and wearing nipple covers. You won 5 million (US$4,300 or so) for three days’ work. 3,600 euros, the editor’s note). I was like, ‘Hey, $4,300 for three days’ work? I could do that!’ But the nipple cover and underwear thing pissed me off. And With these jobs you don’t really know what kind of project they are. Most of the time it’s a secret until you actually reveal. Without knowing what’s being filmed, I turned it down because It’s embarrassing. I really didn’t want to be naked and just do body painting for a project. But now I know it was for the No. 1 ‘squid game’ in the world! How great it would have been to be a part of it. “

Listening to your inner voice can be good and sometimes bad. Ray certainly had first hand experience with the “squid game” proposal. He regrets turning down role in “Squid Game”. But she is not alone in this. Even veteran Hollywood stars sometimes reject roles and later get annoyed with their decisions, as you can see in our video.

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Almost Everyone Is Currently Watching “Squid Game”

If you’ve already watched the series, you’ll certainly remember that later men and women only appear in body painting, whose sole function is to act as accessories. Rai would have been seen in the “squid game” as a table, chair or ashtray: harmless and perhaps completely unnoticed by many. But it will be a great memory for him to be a part of such a successful series that almost everyone is watching:

“I am quite surprised. Even my mother and other family members watch ‘Squid Game’. Even though they hate the subtitled series. That shows how cool it is because they too watch the series. are ready for.”

She’s already learned a lesson from this experience: the next time she gets such an offer, she’ll definitely accept it.

“Squid Game” is currently available for streaming via Netflix.

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