You will be able to transfer your Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Save to PS5 above all

Evidence, perhaps, that creating a big all ‘stench on the internet can sometimes work for you: there are insomnia games Announcement This will allow you to export your savings from Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 and import them into the Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster on the PlayStation 5 Previous Previously, the developer did not plan to enable the save transfer to the title, ending with some criticism.

The functionality will not be available at launch, but the developers aim to make it available later this month. “In an upcoming update for Marvel’s Spider-Man we will add the ability to export your savings to Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster,” Studio Dr.. ‚ÄúPosting this update will add three new suites to the PS4 game. We look forward to bringing you this update around Thanksgiving.

It is not clear whether Marvel’s Spider-Man who have already acquired Platinum will automatically unlock the Platinum Trophy after transferring to Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster, as two different releases have separate trophy lists. Still, it would be welcome news for those hoping to make progress on the next genre version of the studio’s superhero ramp.

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