You: Season 4 of the Netflix series will take place in London with a 5-star cast

On April 1, Netflix made several revelations about the next season of Us You While the shooting of season 4 is still going on. We were expecting a season in Paris, we were not very far away geographically. Who went to keep his suitcase in the United Kingdom, more precisely in London.

In a tweet posted on the official Netflix account, we can see that the plot will take place in London. Fans may have been in for a bit of a shock, as Joe was following Marianne to Paris at the end of Season 3. We will just have to wait to understand how this change happened. like every new season YouWe are entitled to new characters. In the press release, we can read that Tilly the Keeper will play Lady Phoebe: “As sweet and kind as she is rich, famous and chaotic, every waxing of Phoebe’s bikini line has been documented by the tabloids. She was 15. . An elite socialite with a passionate fan base. She has a boyfriend, an American entrepreneur named Adam”. Her boyfriend, Adam, will be played by Lucas Gage, best known for his role in Excitement, He is the youngest son of an American expatriate and a wealthy East Coast tycoon who hides many secrets.

In the rest of the press release, we learn that actress Amy Leigh Hickman will play Nadia, a “literature student who loves the genre’s storytelling and aspires to be a serious writer. Nadia’s assertiveness and intensity are hers. The perfect cover for deep insecurities, for a young woman who has never been accepted by her peers.” There will also be Charlotte Richie as Kate, a young woman who has “worked hard to live the life she is now is of. He is an art gallery manager whose job it is to manage stormtroopers. He is especially protective of his best friend Lady Phoebe. Lastly, there will be Ed Spielers too. Actor known for his roles in outlanderor Eragon,

A few days ago, American site time limit It turns out that Joe was going to join the London High Society thanks to Malcolm, played by Stephen Hagen, a party-loving university professor. He will fall under the influence of the aristocratic Lady Phoebe mentioned above.

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