“you changed my life”

The moment shook the whole of Britain, the show allowed Chotelevision elders ITV to break annual viewership record

Adele during their reunion broadcast on November 21, 2021 @BelgaImage

This Sunday, on the occasion of the release of the long-awaited album “30”, many Britons gathered in front of their TVs to watch singer Adele’s special show. The show had such good attendance that broadcaster ITV had the best Sunday night of 2021 yesterday. And one of the most memorable moments is when the cast burst into tears. In question: Reunion with a former teacher who “completely changed his lifeIn Adele’s own words.

twenty years later

During the show, many celebrities in the audience were able to ask questions to the Star of the Day. Among them, Emma Thompson, who asks him if there is anyone who supported or inspired him during his youth. Without hesitation, Adele then talks about Miss McDonald, an English teacher she met at school in Chestnut Grove, London. ,I haven’t seen her since I was twelve, she was only for a year, but she really inspired me to get into literature. I’ve always had a passion for the English language and now I write songs», assures the artist, who is now 33 years old. ,He also did street dance. I was too afraid to participate. But she was so calm, so committed. She made sure we cared and we knew she cared,

Little did the singer know that the famous Miss MacDonald, whom she had not seen for more than twenty years, was in the room. The former teacher gets up again and walks towards the stage. As for Adele, she was in tears even before he could hug her. ,I am proud of you», before adding the teacher told him:«thanks for remembering me, ,you really changed my life», responds Adele before checking in with him. ,Mother, can you believe this?That, he says, triggers laughter from the audience. ,I still have all my books, you know, since you were my teacher“. The moment affected him so much that he even had to slip behind the scenes for a moment, with actor Alan Carr meanwhile providing the show on stage to fill the void.

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