You can see every planet in our solar system this week

This week, there will be some familiar sights in the sky: the seven planets that make up our solar system will be visible at different points throughout the day.

Venus and Mercury are bright enough to see in the morning, while Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be easier to see at night.

Earth Sky has published a guide on its website to visit all these planets, including Uranus.

Joe Guzman, an astronomer and educator at After School Matters in Chicago, has already told his students about this week’s sky event.

“This morning, I took the time to look at the crescent moon,” Guzman told CNN. “And today when the sun goes down you will certainly be able to see Jupiter and Saturn.”

What is this happening for?

The visibility of the planets is just a cosmic coincidence.

“It’s the dance of the planets around the sun,” Guzman says. “It’s a natural phenomenon and it’s not uncommon for it to happen all at once, but it rarely happens. It happens to such an extent that they will still be on this side of the sun but they will soon start to separate again.”

In the meantime, Guzman thinks everyone should touch a telescope. Sky & Telescope reports that sales of telescopes have already increased since the epidemic began, with companies increasing business by 60% to 400% over the previous year. ”

Guzman recommends that the newborn sky observer keep an eye on his personal favorite Saturday.

“You can catch its rings quite easily,” Guzman said. “It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.”

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