You can go out, but you can’t hug each other

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London – From today the British (a little) are independent: but not to embrace each other. First step towards exit from lockdown Provides that a stay at home will leave (after about three months of captivity) and it is possible that outside or in private gardens (but most in a group of six or two families): but be careful to move closer to loved ones Will have to resist the temptation and keep a safe distance, which is two meters here.

Information campaign

Boris Johnson’s government will launch today An information campaign Urging respect for rules: and even psychologists to describe it. The counselor will ask the audience to stand firm if relatives or friends try to hug you after so many months and kindly remind them of the need to maintain a safe distance. However they admit that sitting in the garden two meters away from each other is a bit strange.

Green light for outdoor sports in Great Britain

Outdoor sports, such as tennis or golf, are also resuming today. You will have to wait until April 12 for shops, hairdressers, pubs and restaurants: And you can only go out for lunch or dinner in gardens or terraces, not indoors (which makes you smile, given the English weather: water and wind storms already on social media There are hilarious videos of people trying to eat under).

Kovid in Great Britain: to learn more

Zero died in London for the first time in six months

I am New infections are the lowest in six months (Less than 4,000 a day) and yesterday there were just 19 deaths from Kovid (for the first time in London in the last six months). What remains mirage holidays abroad: The government has introduced a fine of £ 5,000 for those who try to leave the borders without any reason and it is believed that Restrictions will remain in force until August.

March 29, 2021 (Change March 29, 2021. 15:15)

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