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WhatsApp is rolling out new privacy measures that hide your “online” status from contacts you’ve never chatted with. This feature is enabled by default for all users.

WhatsApp: You'll be able to go even more incognito

Now you will be smarter on WhatsApp. The messaging service is actually rolling out a new feature that improves its privacy measures. The idea is simple: by default, it will be impossible for contacts with whom you have never interacted to see your status, and vice versa.

tirelessly watched by WABetaInfo, This novelty has been confirmed by WhatsApp support to a Twitter user. This applies to both iOS and Android devices, which benefit from a small extra layer of security here. Because seemingly simple, this small change still means a lot.

Cut the Rug from Under Some Third-Party Apps

as explained Android PoliceMany third-party applications exist Store Applications allow you to monitor the status of WhatsApp users. These applications can specifically know if you are connected, without even starting a discussion with you.

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In trackant This type of activity, these software receives a range of information related to your user behavior, without the slightest consent. Here, WhatsApp is pulling the rug out from under them, as it will now be impossible for them to determine whether you are online or not. By default, your account will ask them to be “offline”.

no big stir

Granted, this shouldn’t spoil your user experience, but WhatsApp better protects you here.

Lately, the platform has multiplied the small things. For example, we can cite the possibility of creating our own stickers on the web version of the service, several tests of instant cryptocurrency payments directly in the application or the automatic deletion of messages in all your personal conversations.

WhatsApp: You can copy your conversations from iPhone to Android, but pay attention to the terms

Initially reserved for Samsung products, WhatsApp history transfer from iPhone to Android is now available on all Android devices.
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